Looking at the roster: Tackle

The tackle position has incredible playmakers on it this season.

The series continues as I take a look at the Bulls 2010 roster, this time the tackle position. Tackle has become one of the most important positions on the entire field, defending a quarterbacks’ blind side and opening holes for the running game. The Bulls have a lot of talent and depth coming into this season and should have one of the strongest lines in the Big East at the tackle position.

Starting first with left tackle, first on the depth chart is 6’4″ 290 lb senior, Jamar Bass. Bass has played in 13 games over this career, starting in 6 of them. He had an outstanding spring where he impressed the coaches with his sound fundamentals. Bass, coming out of junior college, is a very athletic tackle that has great hands gets off the snap quickly. He has loads of experience and is a terrific blocker on the corner, which BJ Daniels is very happy to have.

Second on the depth chart is sophomore Mark Popek. Popek, the 6’7″ 305 lb. sophomore played in 12 games last season, starting in 5 of them gaining great experience. He has incredible potential and the coaches see him gaining more playing time this season and becoming the starting left tackle of the future. I am actually surprised he is not the starter, but he will play large amounts of time this year and provide the Bulls with a great blocker. He was a freshmen All-East performer and will become a starter very soon.

Now for right tackle, the starter is Jacob Sims, the 6’5″ 290 lb. senior. Sims has played in 23 games and has started in 19 of them. Sims is very versatile and can play at guard as well because he is very athletic. The coaches are looking for him to become a solid anchor on the right side of the line. Sims has the strength and speed on the corner to protect Daniels and also get off a defender and open holes for the running game.

Second on the depth chart is Damien Edwards. Edwards, the 6’6″ 313 sophomore is a developing tackle that has great potential, but still needs to put in more work both in the weight room and in practice. He has a huge frame and a great upside. The coaches are pleased with his progress and see him as the starting right tackle in the future once he improves more. He could be an incredible linemen with time and development.

So there are the USF tackles for 2010. Now others may shift over and the incoming freshmen could change position, but coming out of the spring practices, this is the depth chart.