The 5 Biggest Moments from 2009-2010

BJ Daniels became the starter after Matt Grothe went down with a knee injury.

I am counting down in a new mini-series the 5 biggest moments for USF football for the 2009-2010 season. It is a good time to look back at what the Bulls accomplished both on and off the field and what they can expect heading into the new season. Starting with the 5th biggest moment; BJ Daniels becomes the starter after Grothe goes down with a knee injury.

Now this story has two sides to it. On the bad side, Grothe went down after tearing his ACL while playing against Charleston Southern early in the season. Grothe is arguably the greatest quarterback to ever play for the Bulls and loved by all Bull fans, so to see him go down that early in his senior season was heartbreaking. Grothe truly put the USF program on the map with his incredible play. But USF in during this very tough time found a playmaker and his name is BJ Daniels. Daniels finished that game against Charleston Southern after throwing for over 100 yards and rushing for over 100 as well, showing fans that he had even greater speed and athletic ability than Grothe.

Daniels became the starter after that infamous game and led the team for the rest of the year. From an upset victory at FSU, to another bowl victory in the International Bowl, Daniels put on a show for fans and coaches alike with both his arm and legs. Finishing the year with big numbers and named to the All-Big East Freshmen team, Daniels showed the nation that he is going to be a force for years to come and USF will only get better.
This moment was hard to choose because of the loss of Grothe for the year. But the future for USF is bright. With Daniels leading the team, the Bulls have an incredible playmaker at quarterback that can beat an opponent by himself (ask Louisville). So there is moment number #5 for the Bulls. Many of these moments in this mini-series are debatable and I am happy with that.